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Demonstrated outstanding leadership

Luella has exceptional HR knowledge and extensive experience of the NHS. She demonstrated outstanding leadership when she led the transfer of a significant number of staff during the CSU close down. I would definitely recommend Luella to colleagues and hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.

Highly professional and skilled

I have known Luella for a long time and have worked with her twice, most recently in CPFT when she carried out an investigation into an exceedingly sensitive and complex matter in which I was the responsible director. She is highly professional and skilled at getting to the root of matters quickly and advising on how to address findings in a practical way. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ensures all parties voices are heard and managed

Luella is quick to work out what needs to be done from a strategic point of view in respect of transition and organisational change, with the ability to quickly see through the complexities. She is able to clearly define and manage extremely effective outcomes. She is very professional and has the ability to create a strong empowered high performing team that always delivers. She is an effective negotiator and able to build relationships with stakeholders, ensuring all parties voices are heard and managed. Her HR and OD knowledge is exceptional and I can list many examples of her keeping organisations, staff and her individual team members safe.

Professional knowledge and practical training

I worked with Luella over three years, and she provided HR advice for me, the board and my colleagues, I appreciated her professional knowledge and practical training which she delivered for the team.

Ensured we kept up with the ever-changing world safely

Luella joined Saint Francis at a challenging time for hospices – many needing to formalise processes, grow and develop new strategies. Luella has led this important work with us. Her responsiveness and eye for what needed to be updated vital. Through the pandemic Luella ensured we kept up with the ever-changing world safely and well for our staff and volunteers, time after time updating and changing process and policy always ensuring as an organisation, we kept the individual at the heart of all we do.